Clandestine Lab Testing & Remediation

Hazmat Plus has highly skilled Environmental Scientists and Occupational Hygienists with significant experience in clandestine drug lab testing, detection and remediation.

The Clandestine meth-lab and drug lab decontamination processes are governed by the guidelines of the 2011 Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines, as set by the Australian Crime Commission. Hazmat Plus can assist property owners with clandestine drug lab testing who are concerned about someone in their family taking meth or ice (methamphetamine), before buying or renting a property, or if you are served with a Public Health Order by Council to remediate the premises affected by a domestic clandestine drug lab.

A prohibition notice served on a property owner can be overwhelming. Our expert team are the best people to assist you to manage the entire process of remediation from the initial phase of assessment and Remedial Action Plan, through to the actual remediation and post site assessment/validation stages, helping to ensure your property is safe for re-occupation.

Hazmat Plus methamphetamine clandestine drug lab testing in Brisbane
Hazmat Plus methamphetamine clandestine drug lab swab testing in Brisbane

Our team aims to make the process as thorough and efficient as possible to minimise distress and ongoing losses by responding quickly and prioritising our high-quality experts to assess the site efficiently and promptly ensuring all processes observe the required guidelines including the remediation.

Our Services

  • Provision of highly skilled Environmental Scientist to investigate and provide a complete assessment of contamination to the required industry requirements stated within The Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines (2011).
  • Preparation of assessment and reporting on the level of contamination as determined by the level of testing undertaken in a clandestine lab, plus a step by step documentation of the required cleanup actions through the provision of a Remediation Action Plan (RAP).
  • Where contamination is present, provide relevant information to the client and/or relevant authorities on their behalf (e.g Council).
  • Arrange the remediation of affected property to meet set guidelines.
  • Post remediation analysis and reporting.
  • Post remediation site validation reporting and with required submission to relevant Authorities.

Why Choose Hazmat Plus?

Hazmat Plus’ staff have over 50 years combined experience in conducting all environmental testing and monitoring for air contamination, soil and water as well as asbestos testing, lead contamination in soil and clandestine drug lab contaminants. Our highly-trained consultants will assist you to navigate your social and legislative responsibilities to protect your asset.

Hazmat Plus are fully insured, with qualified, trained and licensed consultants who you can be confident to receive a complete analysis, correct advice and detailed recommendations to fix your environmental concerns.

What is a Clandestine Meth-lab & how toxic are they?

Clandestine labs have become an angering issue for property owners as widespread use has seen pop up labs appear more frequently in domestic dwellings across Australia. The substance Methamphetamine is a highly potent and addictive substance and includes many highly toxic and dangerous substances (precursors) that can affect the health, wellbeing and even cause severe internal damage to those who come in contact with them.

According to the Australian Crime Commission’s Illicit Drug Data Report, more than 740 clandestine laboratories were detected during 2013-14. The number of clandestine laboratories discovered nationally has increased by 95.2 per cent over the last decade. The 744 laboratories identified during this reporting period represented the third-highest number on record with Queensland accounting for the most significant proportion.

The highly toxic chemicals are known to affect health through inhalation, ingestion and contact with skin. Toxicity from these chemicals can remain long after the lab has been shut down and cleared by law enforcement agencies.  Health effects include lung damage, renal failure, seizures, eye damage, nose and throat inflictions and other skin and internal organ irritations. Environmental effects such as explosions, fires, corrosion and odours are also prevalent in clandestine meth-labs.

Due to the toxicity of the labs, the decontamination process needs to be completed diligently and by experienced professionals. The post-remediation analysis is a critical step in ensuring the site is thoroughly decontaminated to minimise future risk.

What is the Clandestine meth-laboratory remediation process?

To help you understand the process required, we have set out the four phases of remediation for a Clandestine Laboratory.

Four phases of Clandestine Laboratory Site remediation:

  1. Trigger for assessment
  2. Preliminary evaluation and action
  3. Site assessment and remediation, and
  4. Validation.

Phase 1: When law enforcement agencies encounter Clandestine laboratories, attending officers issue a preliminary assessment outlining affected areas, the types of chemicals identified and whether the lab was in operation or dormant. They then notify Council who will generally issue a Public Health Notice requesting the contamination be identified and cleaned up.

Phase 2: Hazmat Plus’ expert environmental scientists can attend the site after this phase and conduct the relevant testing and assessment to prescribe the appropriate action required to remediate the affected areas. It is at this stage that our expert scientists will ensure all work follows the strict Australian Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines, and correctly analyse data and provide a detailed proposal for remediation.

Phase 3: If the investigation indicates that contamination is present Hazmat Plus will report what levels of what chemicals have been identified and where.

Hazmat Plus will provide a full site assessment and investigation, including the reporting back of the laboratory analysis. With an expert data analysis ensuring correct data interpretation and ongoing compliance with the guidelines.

Hazmat Plus will provide a complete Remediation Action Plan (RAP) as required in the guidelines and liaise with the relevant authorities and initiate remediation.

Once the remediation is complete, and the site has returned to the original state, our expert environmental scientists will undergo post-remediation testing and submit a comprehensive site report confirming completion for a validated, safe return to premises.

Phase 4: The site validation report follows the final assessment and remediation. Here Hazmat Plus will prepare and submit a Clearance Certificate allowing the property to be re-occupied.

Hazmat Plus Drug Clandestine Lab Testing Services:

  • One off test conducted by homeowner – we provide the single-use sample swab, a quick “how-to” guide, and a brief lab report detailing the result of the analysis of the swab sample. Ideal for situations where homeowners are looking to determine potential drug use by someone in their home and will assist in detection and intervention.
  • Baseline detection testing conducted by one of our Environmental Scientists – we provide a trained environmental scientist/occupational hygienist to inspect the property and to take up to 10 swabs based on our professional judgement of potential hotspots/areas of concern. We will have the samples analysed at an accredited professional laboratory, and a detailed report of our findings will be provided.
  • Comprehensive detection testing to identify the extent of contamination and Remedial Action Plan – Price on Application ­– Multiple samples taken throughout the property by qualified environmental scientists/occupational hygienists. Air quality testing including for volatile organic compounds. We will have the samples analysed at an accredited professional laboratory, and a detailed report of our findings including the provision of a Remedial Action Plan (if required).
  • Remediation Validation Testing.

What is a clandestine drug lab?

A clandestine lab or clandestine drug lab is a site where one or more illicit drugs are manufactured quickly and cheaply. A clandestine meth lab, however, only produces methamphetamine. During the manufacturing process, harmful substances are absorbed into a building’s walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures and furnishings.

What do lab tests test for?

When a clandestine lab, clandestine drug lab or clandestine meth lab has been identified, laboratory tests are performed both before and after cleaning. Pre-cleaning tests identify highly contaminated areas or hot spots that require extensive cleaning, whilst post-cleaning tests ensure that the site is safe for habitation.

How long do lab drug tests take?

Samples taken from a clandestine lab, clandestine drug lab or clandestine meth lab are sent to a specialist laboratory for testing. Results of these drug tests can take up to 7 days to be returned, and if positive, the property will need to be extensively cleaned.

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