Occupational Hygiene Services

Occupational Hygiene Assessments & Consulting services and advice to assist in ensuring a safe place of work

Hazmat Plus provides Occupational Hygiene services and advice to promote a safe work environment to protect employees, whilst maintaining an efficient workplace and ensuring Workplace Health & Safety compliance for employers. Our occupational consultants can develop site-specific occupational hygiene assessments such as air monitoring exposure assessments to management systems to meet client needs and National health and safety standards.

We have accreditation with the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists and occupational consultants trained in the principles of occupational hygiene including control reporting and the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment.

Mould air testing at an aged care facility by hazmat plus trained staff
Mould air quality testing at an aged care facility by Hazmat Plus trained staff

Occupational hygiene uses science and engineering to measure the extent of worker exposure, to design and implement appropriate control strategies to prevent ill health caused by the working environment. It helps employers and employees understand the risks, and promotes improved working conditions and working practices.

Mould surface testing at an aged care facility by hazmat plus trained staff
Mould surface testing at an aged care facility by hazmat plus trained staff

The AIOH defines occupational hygiene as the art and science dedicated to the Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation, Communication and Control of environmental hazards in, or arising from, the workplace that can result in injury, illness, impairment, or affect the well-being of workers and members of the community.

Our Occupational Hygiene Services:

  • Occupational Hygiene Assessments
  • Noise Assessments and Monitoring
  • Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances Assessments
  • Indoor Air Quality/Indoor Environment Quality
  • Indoor Lighting Assessments
  • Crystalline Silica Dust Monitoring
  • Inhalable and Respirable Dust Monitoring¬†including crystalline silica
  • Lead Air Testing & Monitoring Brisbane
  • Fire Escape Plans/Diagrams
  • Mould Assessments and Air Monitoring Brisbane
  • Mould Testing Brisbane
  • Working at Heights
  • Manual Handling
  • Heat Stress
  • Confined Spaces
  • Property Risk Assessment
  • Ionising and Non-Ionising Radiation Assessments
  • WH&S Building Assessments

What is occupational hygiene?

Occupational hygiene focusses on the prevention of ill-health and disease in the workplace. Occupational consultants identify potential hazards, whether chemical, physical or biological, measure risks, evaluate exposure and initiate preventative or controlling measures. Occupational hygiene services safeguard not only workers, but also the surrounding community and environment from these hazards.

What is the role of occupational hygiene?

Occupational hygiene plays a vital role in the health of employees. Occupational consultants may be directly responsible for a workplace health program or provide occupational hygiene services to third parties. Occupational consultants identify potential hazards in the workplace, perform risk assessments and implement preventative or controlling measures.

Why is occupational hygiene very important?

Occupational hygiene is very important because it leads to improved worker health and increased life expectancy. Occupational consultants reduce the number of people who leave employment prematurely, as a result of workplace hazards. Occupational hygiene services decrease the social and healthcare costs of work related ill-health and disease.

Our expert team operate across the ACT, NSW and QLD with offices in Brisbane, Canberra, Dubbo and Sydney.