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Hazmat Plus is a specialised Environmental and Health & Safety Consultancy servicing Eastern Australia.

We assist you to navigate your legislated and social environmental and health and safety responsibilities to protect the environment and your worker's health creating a better future.

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  • Asbestos Testing & Hazardous Materials Assessments

    We provide expert consulting services to identify & assess asbestos-containing materials and provide Registers, Management Plans and Removal Scope of Works.

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  • Contaminated Land Management

    Hazmat Plus has land contamination consultants qualified in natural resources management, environmental science and contaminated land management who can offer a comprehensive range of environmental services from site inspections and monitoring, environmental site assessments to remediation design and validation of contaminated sites.

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  • Environmental Compliance & Monitoring

    Hazmat Plus has Environmental Scientists and Engineers on staff offering a detailed range of environmental services from site inspections, testing and monitoring to environmental due diligence assessments for compliance.

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  • Occupational Hygiene Assessments

    We provide Occupational Hygiene services and advice to promote a safe work environment to protect employees, whilst maintaining an efficient workplace and ensuring Workplace Health & Safety compliance for employers.

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  • Clandestine Drug Laboratory Detection & Remediation

    Hazmat Plus has highly skilled Environmental Scientists and Occupational Hygienists with significant experience in clandestine drug lab testing, detection and remediation.

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  • Respirable Crystalline Silica Monitoring & Exposure Assessments

    Hazmat Plus provides services in occupational hygiene exposure assessment reporting which includes personal air monitoring. One of these services is for crystalline silica which has been recently termed "the new asbestos" due to its harmful effects on the lungs which can result in silicosis.

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  • Noise Assessments

    Hazmat Plus can provide a detailed noise assessment for your site including an initial noise survey using a Class 1 sound level meter, noise "grabs" of individual areas to identify noise-producing machines and personal noise (dosimetry) monitoring over a typical work shift to compare results against current Workplace Exposure Standards.

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  • Training

    Asbestos Awareness Training (AAT) is essential for workers who may come in contact with to materials potentially containing asbestos in their workplace. Hazmat Plus can conduct comprehensive Asbestos Awareness Training and other customised WHS training on-site or in our offices to ensure your company complies with WH&S legislation and protects employees and community members from risks associated with asbestos.

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Environmental due diligence assessment in NSW

Environmental due diligence assessment in NSW

Hazmat Plus was commissioned by a large Multi-National food retailer to undertake an Environmental due diligence site assessment with soil sampling at a site adjacent one of their operating stores in regional NSW to allow for additional parking space for their restaurant customers and ensure safer truck delivery movements.

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We service the eastern States of Australia with offices in Brisbane, Canberra, Dubbo, Sydney, Tamworth & Townsville.

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