Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation buyback in NSW and ACT

Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation buyback announcement for NSW and ACT Governments

Hazmat Plus has been providing loose-fill Asbestos insulation assessments across the State of NSW on behalf of the NSW Government since October 2014. We have conducted over 12,000 assessments within the Council areas including “hotspots” areas of Queanbeyan, Palerang, Holbrook, Finley and Berrigan with Hazmat Plus’ Licensed Asbestos Assessors identifying three of the five more recently identified loose-fill insulation affected properties in Queanbeyan. This issue is real and the asbestos material is still out there throughout the community.

The NSW Government has made an announcement similar to the ACT Government, that they are prepared to buy back the Asbestos Insulation affected homes from the homeowners, drastically reducing any costs borne to the owners. So not only will they pay for the initial hazard reduction and make it safe they will pay market value for any home affected to assist in the final remedy for the hazard.

This free testing service is the first step in identifying if your property is affected. The service was due to cease in October 2015 though has now been extended until November 2018 operating through the Office of Fair Trading.

To find out more, call NSW Fair Trading on 13 77 88 to get your property booked in for an assessment today.

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