Terms and Conditions

  1. To proceed with our Services, Hazmat Plus requires execution of a Purchase Order or the Hazmat Plus Acceptance of Feesform signed by the person (Principal) or organisation responsible for the subsequent payment of associated fees and charges arising subsequent to our services.
  2. The fee estimate contained in the Hazmat Proposal is valid for 60 DAYS from the date of the submission of the proposal.
  3. To ensure inspections proceed quickly, with minimum disruption, and that all relevant areas are inspected, the consultant will require that key access and/or an escort (and if available site plans), be made available.
  4. The timing of the delivery of the proposed Services assumes that all noted inputs required to Hazmat Plus are provided in a timely manner and according to the Hazmat Plus program requirements or as conveyed to the Client by the Hazmat Plus representative.
  5. The fee estimate allows for the issue of an electronic copy of reports (unless otherwise specified by the client). Hard copy reports may incur additional administrative charges.
  6. Our commission is commonly limited in scope, consequently Hazmat Plus cannot guarantee that we will be able to identify any/all hazardous materials/contamination, if present, on site.
  7. Hazmat Plus cannot guarantee that we will be able to make conclusive statements in relation to the site’s condition, as the ability to make such statements depends on the outcome of the investigation(s) undertaken.
  8. Quoted analysis prices are for standard (5 day Turnaround Time following receipt by the laboratory) unless specified otherwise. A shorter TAT (up to 24 hour TAT) can be achieved with the payment of a surcharge (normally up to 100% surcharge).
  9. All work is conducted in a conscientious and professional manner. The nature of the task and the likely disproportion between any damage or loss which might arise from the work or reports prepared, and the cost of our services, is such that Hazmat Plus cannot guarantee that all hazardous materials/contamination and/or issues of concern have been identified or addressed.
  10. Asbestos/Hazardous Materials Survey Reports (ASR/HMR) will be limited to identifying materials within visible and accessible areas and will describe some general actions required to minimise anticipated asbestos/hazardous material related risks based on the identified state of the material/site. The ASR/HMR will not address all WH&S and environmental issues associated with the identified asbestos/hazardous materials as all issues which may arise during the course of a works program or the future state of the asbestos/hazardous materials cannot be anticipated. As such these issues are the responsibility of the contractor performing works and/or the principal/controller of the site.
  11. The Client and/or their representative may from time to time, specifically request by verbal and/or written instruction that an aspect of the program deviate from the Hazmat Plus program. In such cases the scope, cost, limitations and/or objectives of the Services may change to correspond to the actual Services performed and will be assessed and charged as a variation to the Services.
  12. Should additional Services beyond the offer allowed for in the fee estimate be required by the Client, additional fees would be charged at the rates listed in the Hazmat Plus’ Schedule of Rates. No such additional Services would be carried out without the prior consent of the Client as to the extent of Services and associated fees.
  13. Fee estimates / quotations are based on the delivery of Services as per the Hazmat Plus program. Delays, suspension of works and extensions to the program have not been allowed for in the Offer of Services and may incur additional costs. Hazmat Plus reserves extensions to the program have not been allowed for in the Offer of Services and may incur additional costs. Hazmat Plus reserves the right to claim additional fees as a result of any of these events.
  14. The client agrees that the fees and charges, including surcharges proposed for out of hours work, are fair and reasonable, and generally in line with industry standards.
  15. The work generally will be carried out during normal working hours, however, if required the work can be undertaken out of hours and surcharges will apply as detailed in the Schedule of Rates. The client agrees that the proposed surcharges represent fair and reasonable compensation for working out of hours, and are generally in line with industry standards.
  16. Should an extension in services or additional services be required due to significant adverse weather conditions, interference with instrumentation, equipment failure due or vandalism or any situation beyond Hazmat Plus’ control, additional fees may apply in accordance with the Schedule of Rates and for the cost of equipment if damaged.
  17. The fee estimate assumes that site access (where relevant) is arranged for Hazmat Plus and there is no significant waiting time for access. If significant extra time in gaining site access is involved, this will be charged in accordance with the Schedule of Rates.
  18. The fee estimate does not allow for additional time / costs related to restricted sites such as inductions, site specific training/ inductions, escort fees or other similar items. These additional costs will be charged in accordance with the Schedule of Rates or at cost +20%.
  19. A fee equivalent to the costs associated with time incurred on the job as well as any subcontractor time or any other incurred costs (based on the rates and charges contained in the Schedule of Rates) will apply if the Services are confirmed then delayed or cancelled after Hazmat Plus have already started preparation for the Services, have allocated time, or have purchased equipment or supplies for the Services including plane tickets and accommodation.
  20. Payment terms are strictly upfront payment for all Non Account Customers. Reports will not be disbursed until payment has been received.
  21. Payment terms are strictly 30 days from invoice date (Unless other terms are approved by management). Where outstanding fees remain unpaid beyond the 30 day period Hazmat Plusreserves the right to suspend all Services pending resolution of payment. Hazmat Plus also reserves the right to withdraw Hazmat Plus’ intellectual property including reports, where fees remain outstanding beyond the
    30 day period.
  22. If payment in full is not made within 30 days of invoice then any amount outstanding will be subject to interest at the rate of 10% per annum calculated daily from the day after the date of the invoice until the date of payment in full.
  23. In the event that fees remain outstanding, and Hazmat Plus withdraws our intellectual property (including reports and the like) we reserve the right to contact any party that we believe may be in receipt of our intellectual property and request for it to be returned. In this event the Client permits Hazmat Plus to make direct contact with any parties which Hazmat Plus believes may be in possession of our intellectual property in order to request for its continued use to cease and for it to be returned.
  24. All Services performed and reports produced by Hazmat Plus are prepared for a particular Client’s objective and are based on a specific scope, conditions and limitations, as agreed upon between Hazmat Plus and the Client. Information and/or report(s) prepared by Hazmat Plus therefore may not be suitable for any use, or rely on, other than the intended objective.
  25. No parties other than the Client should use any information and/or report(s) without prior permission of Hazmat Plus.
  26. Before passing on to a third party any information and/or report(s) prepared by Hazmat Plus, the Client is to fully inform the third party of the objective and scope, and all limitations and conditions, including any other relevant information which applies to the information and/or report(s) prepared by Hazmat Plus. The information and/or report(s) prepared by Hazmat Plus should not be reproduced and/or presented/reviewed except in full.
  27. All copyright and intellectual property in relation to reports or documentation prepared by Hazmat Plus will remain in its absolute ownership.
  28. It is the responsibility of all third parties to investigate fully to their satisfaction if any information and/or report(s) prepared by Hazmat Plus are suitable for a specific objective. This includes asbestos/hazardous materials surveys which are not pre-demolition/ refurbishment surveys.
  29. The fee estimate has no allowance for liaison with third parties on issues arising from or associated with the Hazmat Plus’ Services except as defined in the Proposal. Hazmat Plus therefore cannot guarantee that Hazmat Plus’ report(s) prepared on the basis of the scope contained herein will satisfy independent acceptance from all unknown (at this time) third parties. It is sometimes the
    case that different people have different interpretations of how detailed an investigation should be. Not all assessors of reports have the same experience or skill in making assessments, and further, Hazmat Plus have found that even two experienced, qualified assessors can view the same circumstance very differently.
  30. Hazmat Plus Consultants are instructed not to enter and/or inspect any area which in the opinion of the Consultant is unsafe. If there are high areas, roofs, ceilings and / or awnings and access is required to perform the Services, safe access will need to be provided by the Client. Should Hazmat Plus be required to provide the access via elevated work platform or similar, this will be
    charged to the Client. Hazmat Plus will not access electrical components or lift motors/shafts unless a licensed electrician or lift engineer is present to make the components and area safe including the isolation of electrics.
  31. Ground penetration work will be conducted in a conscientious and professional manner, with due diligence and appropriate care. Hazmat Plus accept no responsibility of underground services to the area. Hazmat Plus accepts no liability for damages to any underground services, or subsequent losses.
  32. Hazmat Plus will not enter into any arrangement which, in Hazmat Plus opinion, involves coercion or undue pressure to bias Hazmat Plus’ independent professional findings/ opinion. Hazmat Plus reserves the right in such circumstances to terminate the Services and to recover the costs of the Services up to that point.
  33. Hazmat Plus will not waive our right or our representative’s right(s) to subrogation.
  34. Hazmat Plus reserve the right to engage sub-consultants and specialised laboratories to perform the tasks outlined in the offer of services without disclosing details of the sub consultant or their contribution to the delivery of the service. We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information forwarded to any sub-consultant. Your acceptance of this proposal is taken to be approval to use such organisations/specialist laboratories where Hazmat Plus deems necessary.
  35. If Hazmat Plus is required to complete works in accordance with any contract or professional services agreement other than our proposal, review of the contract or professional services agreement and any associated liaison will incur additional charges based in accordance with the Schedule of Fees. Hazmat Plus reserves the right to vary the prices quoted based on the terms and conditions of any such contract or professional services agreement.